Podcast image for Episode 18: A Re-Introduction

Episode 18: A Re-Introduction

In This Episode:
- Why I took a break from podcasting
- My upcoming course
- My book
- My oracle deck release
Podcast image for Episode 15: Mirrors

Episode 15: Mirrors

In This Episode:
-Seeing all people who are present in our reality as teachers on our sacred path
-Healing our relationship patterns
-How we are co-creating our reality with the people in our lives
- Facing our shadows as we look into the mirrors our relationships
-Working through our triggers and healing them at the root
Podcast image for Episode 14: Aligning With Our North Stars

Episode 14: Aligning With Our North Stars

In This Episode:
- What is purpose, really?
- The conditioning we carry that disconnects us from true purpose.
- Dismantling ego and to act from desire.
- Taking control of our destinies and feeding the realities that serve our dreams.
- Coming into full energetic sovereignty.
Podcast image for Episode 13: Tuning Out to Tune In

Episode 13: Tuning Out to Tune In

In This Episode:
- Calling on the rains: a meditation for the fires
- Why I was called off of social media this year
- Deconditioning from social media
- Clearing distractions and addictions to create space for desire, intuition, and creativity
- The shadow intention of media to distract and control
Podcast image for Episode 12: The Word

Episode 12: The Word

In This Episode:
- "In the beginning was the word"
- Words as manifestation, spells, and seeds of creation.
- The connection between the throat and the sacral
- The Myth of The Fates and the origin of Word
- Internal dialog as manifestation
Podcast image for Episode 11: The Mother and Father Wound

Episode 11: The Mother and Father Wound

In This Episode:
- Witnessing our mother and father stories
- Diving into this healing as healing for our relationships with our Earth mother and Cosmic mother, material realm, and inner authority
- Recognizing the unmet needs of our inner child
- Learning to embody the mother, the mature feminine
- Learning to embody the father, the mature masculine