What is a Soul Tattoo?

Soul Tattoo® sessions are one-of-a-kind hand-poked sacred ceremonial tattoo experiences with each design and its medicine being divinely channeled as a mirror of deep reflection, healing, and soul activation for each client. This work is taking tattooing back to its magical origins—thousands and thousands of years before the tattoo machine—when tattoos were light activations, spells, protection, feminine temple rituals, and stories of the soul’s evolutionary journey. These delicate and intentional tattoos act as portals of transformation, symbols of empowerment, and medicine that goes much deeper than the art you see on the surface. Soul Tattoo sessions offer a calming, restorative, gentle, healing experience of receiving a tattoo that is completely unique to each person.

How Does it Work?

Each session varies from client to client, as no person is the same and no Soul Tattoo is the same! Soul Tattoo sessions typically begin with a tea and some intention setting, to connect more deeply to the process and medicine that wishes to come through for each individual’s highest good. Next, Ashley guides her clients into an energy restoring, protecting, and grounding meditation while she scans the aura and energy body to gather medicine and messages from the client’s highest self, body, energy body, and guides. The Soul Tattoo design is designed from the images and messages that were received during the meditation (though sometimes the design comes through in dreams or meditation before we meet) and can include plant medicine, sacred symbolism, animal allies, or whatever symbolic medicine is channeling though to support and guide the client. Each dot, line, mark, and symbol contains intentional alchemy to draw out the client’s truest soul expression. Ashley and her client will further discuss the energy body, physical body, and meridians to align the design to the placement on the body that is can best support the client’s personal healing and intentions. Once everything is set, the tattooing begins. Healing energy work is woven into the tattooing to deeply relax and open the client, while also activating energetic shifts, releases, and creating space within for the medicine of your Soul Tattoo. During this process many clients fall asleep or fall into a meditative state while they receive. Each session is sealed with sound clearing and prayer. At the end of the session, Ashley may prescribe healing rituals, integration tools, and/or homework to support the client further. These ceremonies may be outside on the land or indoors depending on what is needed, though performing these ceremonies on the land brings an extra healing element to the work.

Soul Tattoos® serve as catalysts for one’s transformation into their truest desires, guiding each person to move further in alignment with their truth, creative power, purpose, and heart’s expression. Soul Tattoos can help strengthen one’s intuitive gifts, release limiting beliefs and energetic blocks, activate one into their gifts and medicine, help to release trauma stored in the body, move grief, dissolve stress or calm anxiety, inspire creativity and expression, open the heart, reclaim one’s feminine power, voice, and soul’s wishes, and overall balance the energy body.

How can I book a session?

Books open on a seasonal basis and Ashley books 3 months in advance. When books are open, an announcement will be sent via her newsletter and an application form will be put up on the website. Applications stay open for a week or until all available sessions are booked (which sometimes is only a couple of days). Sign up for the newsletter to be sure to receive any Soul Tattoo updates and booking notifications.

Where are you located?

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I signed up for your waitlists years ago, how can I find where I am at on the waitlist?

In the Summer of 2019 Ashley lost her 10k newsletter list and all her multi-year waitlists. Since then, she has been rebuilding her newsletter list from scratch and is no longer offering a waitlist for Soul Tattoos. If you were previously on the mailing list or waitlist prior to late 2019, you will have to signup again and apply for a session when books are open for the timeframe you would like to book in.

I applied for a session but did not hear back, what do I do?

Anytime books are open, upwards of 100 applications are received.  Typically Ashley can only see 15-30 clients per season, so many applicants do not hear back. At this time Ashley is choosing to primarily work with clients who have engaged with her work in some capacity prior to a Soul Tattoo to prepare for the depth of these tattoo ceremonies. This can include reading her book, enrolling in one of her courses or workshops, being a part of the Bloom community, or having worked with her in the past in some form. If you do not hear back, keep applying each time books open. And please note that Ashley does not currently offer sessions to those under the age of 21.

What can I experience from my Soul Tattoo session?

Everyone’s experience will be unique to them. Most clients feel nourished, calm, and a sense of empowerment and motivation towards their dreams. Some experience more creativity, waves of energy like things are shifting, physical sensations in the body, new insights, perspective shifts, big emotional releases, past life memories, visions, an opening where things once felt blocked, a deeper connection to their guides and life path, or courage to leap into the new. Most clients will experience some form of deep relaxation, sensitivity, and spiritual harmony.

Are you still doing channeled tattoo designs?

Ashley is no longer taking requests for channeled tattoo designs.

Where can I find more information about Soul Tattoos?

You can find more information in the Healing with Sacred Tattooing Course. This is a course co-created by Ashley for receivers of tattoo medicine to better understand, prepare for and integrate this work, and empower themselves in their healing using tattoo medicine.