I am the creator of a unique ceremonial tattoo modality I call, Soul Tattoo® Sessions. Soul tattoos were born from a remembrance of the sacred, transformational, healing nature, and feminine origins of the art of tattooing.

My story


As a young woman who begun receiving tattoos at just 16, I struggled to find a sense of trust, intentionality, and sacredness in the overtly masculine tattoo space. My nervous system did not resonate with the modern act of receiving a tattoo, but my soul deeply longed to use art on my skin as transformation. A desire to create sacredness in the tattoo experience arose, to carve out a safe space for sensitive women to return home to this intentional and intuitive art form that has always belonged to the feminine. At 23 I began combining my artistic expressions, connection to the elemental world, and spiritual gifts and fed them into tattoo art, eventually becoming a licensed tattoo artist in NYC. One evening under a Taurus full moon a couple of years later, I heard “Soul Tattoo” whispered in my ear, and an integration of its teachings followed.

Soul Tattoo


Soul Tattoo® sessions are unique, hand-poked ceremonial tattoo experiences with each design and its medicine being divinely channeled as a mirror of deep reflection, healing, and creative activation for each client. Soul Tattoos bring tattooing back to its magical origins—centuries before the tattoo machine—when tattoos were light activations, spells, protection, feminine temple rituals, and stories of the soul’s evolutionary journey. Tattoos act as sacred talismans and carry potent vibrational medicine that can create transformational shifts for the wearer. It is through the ritualistic process of intention, connection to Spirit, and magic, that we can harness the true nature of this ancient, sacred healing art, and use it to heal and shift into deeper alignment with our purpose. These delicate tattoos act as portals of activation, symbols of empowerment, and medicine that goes much deeper than the art you see on the surface. They offer a calming, intentional healing experience of receiving a tattoo that is unique to each person.

Online course


I spent the following years traveling around the world, from New York City to New Zealand offering Soul Tattoo sessions to those seeking transformation and reclamation of their truth. My practice gained worldwide recognition, and a multi-year waitlist I could not keep up with. I took a step back to create space for my burning question: how can I bring this work to more people, normalizing this way of tattooing, and making it more accessible for people?

In 2018 I connected with fellow intuitive artist and healer, Rachel Christensen, and together we created our online course: Sacred Tattooing: A Guide for Intention, Healing & Ritual in Tattoo Art. Since the launch of our course in August, 2019, we have guided tattoo artists, aspiring tattoo artists, and receivers of tattoo art into the remembrance of the sacredness of tattooing, where tattoos are used as tools for healing & transformation.

Through our course, we have developed 8 modules of wisdom, guidance, tools, and practices that we have found the most supportive in our work as intuitive tattoo artists. From the History of Tattooing in ancient times and its shamanic roots, to understanding energy work, your creative channels, and the importance of being a conscious space holder and supporter of a more sustainable tattoo industry, we take you on the journey of remembering the power of this work and why the time is now for this work to expand and become normalized across the globe. We offer this wisdom as a way for others to discover and deepen their unique intuitive language, uncover their innate healing power to use in their art as a form of sacred medicine, while at the same time offering guidance to those receiving tattoos and how they can channel and master their tattoo journey as a form of healing, transformation, and connection to their soul’s true essence.

“Sacred Tattooing is such a beautiful, eye-opening, and immensely helpful course. I had been feeling a pull for several years to offer something more when tattooing but was having a hard time untangling it in my mind. I came across Ashley and Rachel’s course on intuitive tattooing and it felt like coming home. It all made so much sense and is laid out in a format that is intuitive and easy to follow. I am beyond grateful to them for sharing their knowledge in a way that allows others to begin to offer this beautiful practice.”

-Noelle Marie,
Tattoo Artist

I am no longer offering 1:1 Soul Tattoo sessions as I focus on the expansion of teaching this work to more beings who feel the call. I am grateful for the hundreds of clients who have received this work from me and bow to your openness, generosity, trust, and love. I offer 2-4 apprenticeships per year and welcome those interested in becoming a certified Soul Tattoo practitioner to apply. Contact me for more info.