Soul Tattoo Guidebook


A 23-page in depth PDF guidebook to all things Soul Tattoo, including rituals, meditations, wisdom, and more.



From learning about my connection to this work, why tattooing in this way is healing and transformational, why I use elemental allies in my work and how to connect to them yourself, plus a ritual and guidance to connect with and activate your Soul Tattoo for vibration healing, how to tune into your bodies wise wisdom to choose a body placement for your tattoo medicine, tips for finding a conscious aligned studio/tattoo artist, tattoo session preparation, as well as support with integration and being your own healer. There are also 3 guided meditations included: one for connecting with your allies in your Soul Tattoo (or other spirit guides), one for heart healing and integration, and one for body connection.
This guide is for anyone who has received a session with me in the past and would like more support in integrating their medicine and reactivating their tattoo’s energy (we often need to clear and charge, just like a crystal!) This guide can also support those interested in my work (wanting a Soul Tattoo but unsure how it works) and want to learn more.