Spirit of Abundance: A Workshop on Venusian Values, Worthiness, and Money


This workshop is for you if you are currently a healer, artist, self-employed creator, or wellness freelancer who is ready to elevate your value, project your true worth, and call in and receive more prosperity for the feminine medicine you share with the world.

Upon purchase, you will have the ability to download a recording of the workshop.



While my teaching style is very feminine, we will be journeying through this workshop together with talks and shares, meditations, practical practices and tools, a ritual, and the following structure of topics:
  • Understanding our feminine values
  • Understanding our relationship with Money
  • Claiming what we need to shift from scarcity to prosperity
  • Owning and projecting our worth
  • Creating, opening, and widening portals for abundance
  • Conversing with the Spirit of Abundance
  • Aligning with Receptivity
  • Q & A