Your Way Home


Remembering Your Way Home is a 6-week, self-paced journey for self-healing and coming home to your true nature.

My vision

My vision is to support women to dream, create, take up space, free their voices, find safety in embodying pleasure, and ultimately transform the world we live in to hold more love, abundance, beauty, and joy. Coming home to ourselves, our true nature, in harmony with the creative nature of this planet, is the key to beholding our dreams and birthing our desires into form. It is the pathway to true liberated expression, wholeness, and grounded presence. When we return home to our true nature, we become our own healer, guru, mother, cheerleader, wise guide, and leader. We become the radical creators we were born to be.

In This Course:

Return home to your body, the Earth, and your innate spiritual wisdom, and your soul’s purpose. Explore who you are beneath trauma, conditioning, ancestral patterns, and separation wounding.
Identify your deepest needs, desires, and what truly nourishes you.
Become your biggest healer, advocate, wise guide, guru, and leader through embodying the archetype of The Mother.
Learn to communicate and heal with our Mother Earth.
Tend to and heal your inner child.
Learn to shift from scarcity to abundance, separation to wholeness, fear to trust, and feel secure in your being.

Through writings, audio recordings, rituals, guided meditations, and daily spiritual practices, this is a guided journey for deep, gentle healing at the most foundational level.

This course is for those who may be:

  • Ready to dismantle limiting blocks, fears, and begin to heal anything holding you back from thriving in your experience of life
  • Looking to develop a deeper relationship to the Earth and her wisdom
  • Want to cultivate a deep sense of inner security and self-trust
  • Are ready to become the creator of your life
  • May be uncertain about your purpose
  • Desire to embody more gentleness, sensuality, grace, and presence.
  • Seeking to have a more intimate relationship with your body and/or heal your body
  • Feeling disconnected from your intuition and innate wisdom
  • Wanting to learn Spirit tending practices, the art of ritual, and tools for self-healing
  • Calling in the healing of your mother wound
  • Ready to reclaim your life force energy, your truth, and your nature.
  • Striving for an authentic sense of worth and wholeness

“This course has been my companion during the biggest life change I’ve ever made. Settling down to tune into the course each day became home for me. Ash’s warm, thoughtful, empathic, and motherly guidance helped me receive the information through my heart, through my cells, rather than through my mind. Her meditations find the balance between practical, powerful and so melodic that I can marinate in them for hours. Her drawings are visual reminders of the deep feminine earth codes that the course is delivering. It is so clear that earth wisdom is so woven into Ashley and her whole existence. The course is very, very deeply rooted in truth.
Remembering Your Way Home helped me ground into the lands holding me, my inner child, and to my soul. I feel more connected to the mother within that I always needed, and am now able to provide for myself with my soul offerings, with the support of Mother Earth. I’ve received so many insights, and also so many outward reflections on how much I have grown in the time I’ve been taking the course. Coming home to myself has allowed me to call in a beautiful home surrounded by flowers, launch my healing movement practice, plus receive so much abundance, and many aligned opportunities for further expansion. No matter how this course lands with you, I promise it has the potential to be so deep if you let it. I am so excited for this wisdom to reach the world. To anyone who feels called, I highly recommend you make this investment in yourself.”

Movement Teacher and Healing Artist