My Offerings

As an artist of many mediums, woman, and evolutionary human pursuing a path of liberation, passion, pleasure, and beauty, my ways of self-expression, story-telling, healing, and transformation are ever-evolving and expanding. To me this is the embodiment of nature—to seed, grow, bloom, decay, and dissolve into nothing, before creating yourself all over again. Creation is the mysterious, non-linear, non-conforming way of life!

The bones of my creative work are rooted in intentionality. Each one of my offerings is an intentional co-creation between myself, the Earth, Spirit, and the receiver/client/you. It is my honor to create and share with you. See below for my current offerings.


You can find stories and spiritual wisdom from the creative path expressed through my book, podcast, and online courses. These are spaces where I give tools and perspectives for creative healing, weaving your dreams into form, intentional living, and coming home to your true nature. My newest course is Remembering Your Way Home, a self-paced foundational healing guide for returning to the truth of who you are.


I am an analog photographer available for capturing your healing retreat, brand/business, and acting as a creative doula through this medium as you step into being seen in your purest essence and Truth though my ceremonial photoshoots. I have captured retreats from the Italian Alps to the Sierra Mountains, as well as artists for album art, websites, created photography for publications, and helped businesses visually story tell their brand offerings with intention and purpose.

Soul tattooing

I am the creator of a unique healing arts modality called the Soul Tattoo® that garnered a multi-year waitlist with residencies from NYC to New Zealand. I am no longer taking on any new 1:1 clients, but I am sharing the art of intentional, transformational spirit-led tattoo art through a self-paced online course: Sacred Tattooing.

Creation is unlimited and I am always dreaming up new ways to express, share, and create something new. If you have an idea you would like to commission me for, or a collaboration in mind, don’t be shy! I am available for intentional design/art commissions, and co-creating on projects that spark creativity in us all.