Welcome to Bloom

A monthly online platform designed to liberate creativity and support women in bringing their dreams and desires into form, from seed to bloom.

November 4th – November 26th


Within every person is a seed.

A dream. Desire. Vision, or idea for something they are designed and destined to create.

These dream seeds, holding all the potential of life within, are planted in the mystery; a space that requires trust in the unseen aspects of creation; a space where we build foundations, cultivate roots to sustain our creation, widening our capacity for growth.

And when these dream seeds, pulsing with infinite potential, have everything they need; when the soils of your heart are rich and fertile, space has been created, and roots deepened, new life courageously pushes past and barriers and limitations to reach the light…

Taking up more and more space, resiliently and patiently expanding, eventually, to bloom. This is creation. This is the potential all life carries.

Join me in attuning to the nature of your own creative rhythm in Bloom, a monthly online program and earth-wide community for women, creators, visionaries, dreamers, and artists to support bringing your dreams into form, from seed to bloom. Together we will dream bigger, deepen our understanding and embodiment of creation to birth and sustain all that we desire to bring to the planet. Your dreams are your Divine gift. What you create is valuable and needed more than ever. Now is the time to bloom.

Are you ready to feed your desires with your creative magic?

Through a four-week period, we will move in rhythm with the moon. We will journey together through the cycles of creation, grounding our desires into reality, from seed to bloom. We will begin our journey the same way all creation begins, with a seed. A dream, vision, intention, or idea for something we want to create.

In this 4-week’s Course

  • We will meet for a live Zoom call once a week to explore the energetics of creation through teachings, shamanic meditation journeys, rituals, tools, practices, group coaching, and Q&As.
  • You will receive lifetime access to an online portal and community.
  • You will receive a digital workbook to support you as you navigate the course with practices, homework, journal prompts, and more.
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with other women/creatives in the Bloom community to support accountability and creativity.
  • You will have the opportunity to book 1 on 1 private mentoring with me.

We Will Explore

  • Dreams
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Connection to the Soul Self
  • Fertility
  • Moon Mapping
  • Masculine and Feminine Energetics of Creativity
  • Energetic Boundaries
  • Structures and Support Systems for Expanded Creation
  • Capacity for Creation
  • Embodiment Practices
  • Liberating the Authentic Voice
  • Plant Medicine
  • Earth Wisdom and The Nature of Creation
  • Limitations and Shadow
  • Being Seen
  • and More!

Below is what our time will look like together:

Week 1 | New Moon | Seed
We will begin our journey in the same way all creation begins. With a seed. Our first call begins with our opening ceremony and dream seeding ritual. In this first week of Bloom we spark creation by setting the energy of our container, calling ourselves and our dreams into the space, and begin to attune to their energetic signature.
Week 2 | Waxing Moon | Root
We will nurture the roots of our seeds creating a strong and rooted foundation for our dreams and desires. This week we clear space for our dreams, build capacity, work with masculine energetics of creation to set up systems and structures, boundaries, and call in the support we need to grow our creations.
Week 3 | Full Moon | Sprout
As our seeds push past the barriers of the earth and reach the light, we will exit our comfort zones and push past any barriers or limitations of our dreams. In this week we face shadows and fears, and call on courage and strength to take inspired action towards our dreams. We also nourish our feminine nature with the energetics of fertility, building energy to sustain creativity.
Week 4 | Waning Moon | Bloom
In the last week of each creation cycle we will reflect, celebrate, embody and prepare for our fullest blooming. We will engage in our closing ceremony, practice taking up space and being seen, and expand into our blossoming creative potential.

Bloom is for those who:

  • Have big dreams and desires, but are not sure how to ground them into reality and receive.
  • Feel stuck in their creative process and needing support in nurturing their creativity
  • Are ready to transform, create, connect, expand and liberate their expression
  • Want to explore the mysteries and energetics of creation
  • Desire to embody your creative energy and become the artist of their life
  • Are seeking a sense of community to create, heal, and expand together
  • Feel a sense of burnout or fatigue when they birth new creations and are wanting to learn to create in a sustainable and feminine way
  • Feel stuck in the same cycles are ready to create change in life and step into the role of Divine Creatress
  • Desire to implement and deepen ritual practices and spiritual tools to enhance creativity