My passion

lies in the remembrance of our feminine nature. The way we know how to birth, how to grieve, how to flow with our waters, and dance to the wild rhythms of this life. The way desire burns through our blood as a pathway to anchoring down our dreams, seeds of potential planted in all of us. The way that creation is our natural design.

My pleasures live in communion with the natural world, seeing the Earth and Her elements in every woman, a reflection of all that is sacred. I find pleasure in the thorn and bloom of a garden rose, and the light that streams through the canopy of the forest casting fern shadows. I find pleasure in prioritizing the sensual experience of life. Tasting the sunlight, a petal to my cheek, the scent of our fruiting in Summer, the cicadas that soundtrack, and the beauty of letting go in Autumn.

You can live a sensual and creative life that liberates and nurtures you, that prioritizes pleasure and joy as much as the mundane, duty, and responsibility. To me, these are not separate. All life is sacred; divine creation in motion. All life can have intention, purpose, beauty, and meaning.

My work is about reconnecting you to your creative nature—the whole ecosystem of life swirling within you. Guiding you home to your flowing waters of mystery, fires of passion, roots of wisdom, and breath of life in motion; to your heart’s longings, burning desires, powerful intuition, and truth. My work is about embodying the artist within. Paintbrush optional, because your body is your paintbrush, your pleasures your easel, life is your canvas, and your heart is your muse.

I am an artist of many mediums, a spiritual alchemist with a vision of bringing more beauty to this planet. I am a mystic sharing the teachings of the otherworlds, a channel for Mother Earth. Sharing Earth medicine is my passion, for the earth is our clearest mirror and teacher to embody creation.



My creative work is a visual expression of my experience as a bridge between the Earth and Spirit and the teachings that alchemize through me through my journey of creation. Art is my medium of collective healing. I believe that all art is healing and that all creation is a ceremony of transformation, and with intention and connection to our intuitive-creative essence, we can create art that ripples into the unseen and creates vibrational shifts for all who witness.

Coming home
to your cyclical nature


is the foundation for creating the vision for your life that you dream up. This is what I teach through my offerings and embody through the expression of my nature, visually story-telling the seasons of life, both the shadow and the light, the sacred polarity of creation.

You, dear reader, are an infinite vessel of this creation. Your very purpose of being alive is to embody creation in the unique way that brings pleasure to your life. Everything you need is within you, everything you desire is within you—all the wisdom, and all the magic, as well as the power of your choice. So what will you choose? To live a creative life, or to resist change, the very nature of creation?

Healing is a domino effect. When we each embody our creative nature, birthing our dreams into this world and creating pleasure-filled lives, with trust, love, courage, and passion, we can create heaven on earth.

Ashley River Brant,

a multidimensional artist, author, teacher of feminine wisdom, and bridge between worlds. I am dedicated to a path of liberation, pleasure, nurturance, and beauty. I believe that we are walking the path home to the sacred, waking up to our creative power, and remembering the innate wisdom, magic, and love that lives within us all. My intention is to assist you in awakening to a new wave of feminine power, attuned to the mystery, honoring the creative and intuitive power within, and embodying it with presence and purpose. The time is now to open our hearts to the Sacred and align with our authentic expression and soul’s true essence.

I live tucked away in a mystical foggy forest on the Mendocino coast, with my husband, fellow artist Andrew Brant, and our cat Loretta Lynn, where the ravens tell stories of life, and the whale song can be felt in rocks of the nearby cliffs. I was born and raised in the magical, misty swamps between SW Florida and New Orleans, where the ancient is very much alive in the Earth, just as it is in these ancient redwood forests I am writing from now. I’ve always been a traveler, through many dimensions and lands. I lived in 11 states and 3 countries before I was 18. My path has called me to many lands, I believe, to listen to the messages of the Earth. I have always felt the Sacred in the ripples of water, the warm sun-kissed rocks, the first blooms of spring, and the stillness of winter. Growing up without a secure home, with domestic abuse and a traumatized system, nature and the unseen is where I felt safe. My creative modalities, ritual, and art helped me to remember that life can be trusted, that I am the creator of my life, and embodying the creative process is a tool to living a life with more ease, trust, passion, and connection.