What is a Soul Tattoo®?

Soul Tattoos®

Soul Tattoo® sessions are one-of-a-kind hand poked ceremonial, healing, conscious tattoo experiences with each design and it's medicine being divinely channeled as a mirror of deep reflection and activation for each client. 

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Home Base Sessions are $277/hr (average session is 3-4 hours- $831- $1,108)

Recidency Sessions are $333/hr USD (average session is 3-4 hours - $999-1,332)

Rates are subject to change for traveling residencies 


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How does it work?

Each session varies from client to client, as no person is the same and no Soul Tattoo is the same!

In these sessions we begin with a tea and some intention setting, to connect more deeply to the process and medicine that wishes to come through for each individual's highest good. During the session Ash scans the aura and energy body to gather medicine and messages from the client's highest self, energy body, and guides. The Soul Tattoo design is designed together from the images and message that were channeled though and can include plant medicine, sacred symbolism, animal totems, numerology, astrology, or whatever symbolic medicine needs to come through for the client. Once the design is set, we will further discuss the chakras, the body, and energy meridians to align the design on to the place on the body that is most aligned for the client's personal healing. Healing energy work is done before and during the tattooing to deeply relax and open, while also activating energetic shifts, releases, creating space within for the activation of the medicine of your Soul Tattoo, and for deeper alignment on one's sacred path. 

How this work is different than receiving a modern tattoo in a shop.

This work is taking tattooing back to it's magical origins—centuries and lightyears before the tattoo machine—when tattoos were light activations, spells, protection, feminine temple rituals, and stories of the soul. These delicate tattoos act as portals of activation, symbols of empowerment, and medicine that goes much deeper than the art you see on the surface. They offer a calming, gentle, healing experience of receiving a tattoo that is complexly unique to each person. 

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The benefits:

Soul Tattoos®serve as catalysts for one's transformation, guiding each person to move further in alignment with their truth, purpose, and love. The affects vary from person to person as what one receives from this work is a reflection of where they are at in their journey and where they are ready to go. Soul Tattoos can help strengthen one's intuitive gifts, release limiting beliefs and energetic blocks, center and ground the mind, help to heal trauma stored in the body, grief, stress, or anxiety, inspire creativity and expression, open the heart, and balance the energy body.