Film Photography

Upon inheriting my Grandmother’s film cameras after her passing as a teenager, I fell endlessly and deeply in love with the process of creating with film and the grounded presence, creative trust, surrender, and patience it requires. For the past 10+ years I have been shooting 35mm, 120mm and polaroid film content not only for fashion designers, healers, online and print publications, musicians and artists, but also for myself as an avenue of deep healing, witnessing my own life experience and transformations through the lens of my camera with the support of the Earth. I pre-treat each roll of film in an intuitive botanical potion to bring an alchemy of intentional energy to each roll shot, creating a unique magic that unfolds during the ceremony of shooting. I believe that all art is healing, all creation is a ceremony of transformation, and with intention and connection to our intuitive-creative essence, we can create art that ripples into the unseen and creates vibrational shifts to all who witness. This is what I anchor into with all my mediums of expression. Available for ceremonial portrait sessions, retreats, brand content creation, editorial stories, album art, and more. To collaborate, please get in touch and fill out the form below.

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