What is a Soul Tattoo® session? 

A Soul Tattoo® is a one-of-a-kind Divinely channeled medicinal tattoo providing healing and medicine for each unique soul, distributed by hand with healing energy work, to shift, realign, activate light codes, and empower your heart's truth. 

Where are you located?

You can find me rooted on the Mendocino Coast, CA.

Will you draw me channel a design and send to me to get tattooed where I am?

After much demand, I have just launched distance sessions! You can now submit to receive a distance Soul Tattoo design session via the Distance Sessions link.

Does it hurt?

No. Pain is a sensation of the mind... that being said, the calmer the mind, the less it hurts. My technique is minimally invasive and very delicate, making the pain very, very minimal for most placements. Hand poking is very gentle on the nervous system, unlike the tattoo machine. Because of the soothing energy work, and relaxing effects of the meditation, many of my clients fall asleep during the tattooing!

What can I experience from the energy work?

Everyone's experience will be unique to them. Some experience waves of energy, physical sensations in the body, sudden insights, thoughts or emotions, visions (imagery or colors), or sounds. Most clients drift into a state of deep relaxation, sensitivity and spiritual harmony.

How long does a Soul Tattoo®session take?

For in person sessions, from start to finish, each session varies between 2.5-6 hours, but the average session is around 3-3.5 hours. The sizing, detail, and placement of the tattoo is a major factor in timing, as is how each client moves through the energy of receiving their Soul Tattoo ( how relaxed and open they are). If you are wanting a larger piece over multiple sessions, please reach out or include so in your application. I love to work on multi-chakra and larger pieces for deeper transformation, but those are best done in a series of sessions. Distance sessions take place over skype in roughly one hour.

How long do hand poked tattoos last?

Forever! How well your take care of your tattoo will greatly affect the appearance overtime, just like with any tattoo. 

Will you travel to come and see me?

I book residencies wherever and whenever I feel called to a place, though after 3 years of domestic and international traveling residencies, I have no plans to travel for sessions for the rest of 2019 and 2020. Please check back for any residency announcements in the future.

Can you fit in my group of friends all together?

These sessions are very intimate and long, so I only offer solo sessions at this time. 

What kind of ink do you use?

I use an organic/vegan/metal-free ink with plant ash and is one of the safest inks currently on the market. I work with flower essences for added vibrational healing specific to each client.

Do you offered colored inks?

No, there just aren't many toxin-free colored inks on the market at this time that I feel comfortable using. I prefer to stick to black ink.

What if I don't like the size or placement you choose?

The sizing and placement is a collaborative effort. The placement will come through as a channeled message, or by scanning the energy body of my client, but it is ultimately YOUR body. I will simply offer a placement suggestion I intuitively feel is most aligned based on the energy flow in your body. It is very important that my clients are comfortable and feel empowered by our session and their Soul Tattoo. This work is healing no matter where the tattoo is placed and this part of the session is decided in conversation together. 

Do you tattoo males?

Yes, of course! This work is for anyone and everyone open to receiving healing and transformation through this modality. I feel most called to working to empower female identifying people, since the origins of the lineage of tattoo work I am doing is deeply feminine, but all people can benefit greatly from this work.

What are your rates?

My rates can change depending on where I am, but please check the Soul Tattoo link for my current rate. 

How do I book?

Please submit an application via the BOOK tab above when books are open. Sessions are extremely limited as I am focusing on other offerings at the moment.

I never heard back after submitting an application, should I resubmit?

If it still feels aligned, sure! I receive hundreds of applications when my books are open and as of fall 2019 I typically only see between 1-4 clients each month. Once my open months are booked, I do not accept/email new applicants.

What should I do to prepare for my session?

Just hydrate and relax—Especially if you are traveling in for a session. Otherwise just allow yourself to be open, release any expectations, and be ready to receive! 

What are the after effects of a Soul Tattoo® session?

Every human/spirit is unique and therefore I cannot predict how one will feel post session. You can read some of my client's experiences on our community page. Some of my clients may feel tired and spacey afterwards after a lot of energy releasing, and others feel completely energized and ready to take charge on their path. Some will process deeper emotions and take ample time to deep dive within. Most will feel a sense of peace, harmony, wellbeing, relaxation, vitality, groundedness, healing, as well as a subtle shift in energy or perspective. In the days and months after most clients will experience significant life changes and shifts. I have had clients report that they have healed themselves of physical disease, aligned with their soul's path/calling, developed the courage to follow their dreams, connected more deeply to the natural world, found more joy and love in the present, and became closer to their most authentic and magnetic selves. Soul Tattoo® sessions simply have a way of gently realigning you with your true soul's nature, and reminding you of your true north every time to glance upon your own channeled healing art piece.