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The Art of Intuitive Tattooing: A Guide for Intention, Ritual, and Healing in Tattoo Art.

Throughout this course Rachel and Ashley will take you on a journey that will guide tattoo artists and aspiring tattoo artists into the remembrance of the sacredness of tattooing, where tattoos are used as tools for healing and transformation. We have developed 8 Chapters of information, guidance, tools and homework that we have found the most important in our own personal work as intuitive tattoo artists, and offer this guidance and information as a way for you to discover and deepen your own unique intuitive language, and uncover your inner healing power to use tattoo art as a form of sacred medicine.

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Cultivating Roots

Through this 15 day workshop we will explore the energetics and practice of grounding through guided meditations, healing ceremonies, lectures, Earth rituals and self-healing practices aimed to root yourself into who you are and your purpose for being here on this Earth. This workshop will lovingly peel back the layers that keep you from being embodied leading to greater health, well-being, emotional balance, healthy boundaries, clarity, purpose, and resilience on your Sacred Path. This workshop is a powerful way to become more present with ourselves, the Earth, our relationships, and live life with more courage and ease, learning to allow the deep wisdom of the body and the Earth inform us on our journeys for greater connection and vitality. This course is for sensitives, energy workers, empaths, and anyone who struggles with feeling connected to their body, grounded and present, or suffers from anxiety or overwhelm, and those of us who chronically worry about the future or get caught up in the past. Join me as we get back to our roots, together.  

Launching November 26th, 2019.